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Our Approach

Partnership-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Partnership as a Service is our solution to the complexity, opacity and high costs businesses face when they try to develop and manage their own logistics infrastructure

We are more than a 3PL services provider. We are positioned across the supply chain from the first mile to the last

We organize our competences into full-suite services that create value for you and your business. While we offer standard solutions in the following categories, we focus on customizing each solution to your specific business needs.
Our service model is built on Partnership-as-a-Service, which allows you to combine all your logistics needs under one umbrella. This structure allows you full ownership of your logistics needs, with minimal operational involvement.

Under this model, Ranon Logistics Network identifies and aggregates all your logistics services, based on your business goals, into one custom solution. This allows you to outsource the day-to-day running of your logistics, while you make the critical decisions. This minimizes your time spent on supply chain and logistics management, allowing you to focus more on your core competence.
Partnership as a Service works in three key steps: Plan, Plug and Play.
Plan At the planning stage, we engage the client to understand their business needs and the logistical elements these require. This requires close collaboration with decision-makers to understand your strategic and operational needs
Plug At the plug stage, we physically and digitally connect the necessary services to providers.
Play At the play stage, our clients focus on their core business, while their logistics end runs seamlessly, with Ranon providing support and visibility
Partnership as a Service helps your business in the following ways.
Simplified Operations Defining your logistics needs and aligning them with your business goals reduces unpredictability in your operations
Cost Efficiency Clear definition of your logistics needs streamlines your expenses, improving the returns on your logistics spend
Technological Advantage The modern logistics industry is powered by technology, which you are better able to adopt and optimize with a well-defined logistics plan

Our Competencies

Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding solutions cover the full suite of services. From meticulous Customs Clearing…


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Seamless Ecommerce

Integrate your ecommerce and marketplace platforms with our warehouse for a seamless end-to-end ecommerce solution.


Elevate your business with our Fulfillment services. Experience seamless Ecommerce…


Establish your operational and administrative presence in the US with equipped offices.


Our experts provide strategic insights into procurement processes, supplier relationships,…

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